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Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog available on DVD, finally!

Apparently it has a lot of neat extras. I'll probably pick it up - it's cheapish and Whedon could use the support.

Go, fangirl, go!
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The Dr. Horrible album is up on iTunes - as I have already purchased the episodes I won't be dropping $10 on the songs (really, $10 for an album where more than two "songs" are under 30 seconds?), but YMMV.

*goes back to fangirling all over NPH*
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Since the ideas of Frontiers was introduced I've been thinking about some performance singing. Now, with the awesome that is Dr. Horrible, I think I have an idea for next con.

I want to do "roaming Dr. Horrible songs" - find two other singers for Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer (I get to be the doomed love interest, yay!) to wander around the con in costume...Friday would be Act One, Saturday would be Act Two, and Sunday would be Act Three (damn you, Whedon). Whenever the roaming characters ran into each other, we'd perform one of the songs and then continue on our merry way. Lots of chances for fun interactions, methinks.

What I need is two boys with excellent singing voices (& training since timing/singing a capella/being able to project will be key) and a willingness to be absurd in front of a lot of people - so no one who's got stage fright, obviously. Geeks would be a plus, since it is a fanboy/girl thing to do.

So, uhh...anyone have any prospects? I will probably toss this up on Craigslist in a month or so because I want to start practicing soon!, but I thought I'd first check and see if I had any classically-trained singers just, y'know, hanging out on my f-list. :p


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