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I am thinking about all the interesting things I want to explore with my new character and of course found some new music...I don't know if it's perfect, but it's darn close and playing it on repeat lets my mind wander to bits and pieces of her background that I'm just piecing together. I love the organic flow and development that comes from letting a character unfold, letting them tell their story in whatever fashion and at whatever pace flows best.

The devil he wore such a fine, fine shirt,
And it stayed so clean while he dragged me through the dirt...

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My dearest Cecily,

We continue to fall apart without you here to aid me - I do not know how much longer I can clutch all the strings myself, and there is no one I can trust. I was never made for this, I know, but if I leave how many lives will be lost...or worse yet, ruined? I suspect that it is worse to live in Ushaw Moor than to die in it - no place I have yet been makes me so badly wish to leave it, and yet I cannot.

I cannot because I spent much of my Shabbat crying. I cried with Gideon, promised that I had a home for him away from this madness and death. What if I had not been here? Where would he find solace? I cried with Sir Beckett's betrothed - she happy, and I terrified for her soul. Quoniam in aeternum misericordia eius, I hope my words lodged themselves in her heart and take root. Who would she have turned to, were I gone?

Of course, as well, I wait for you - I will wait for you, best beloved, until the town is in cinders around my feet. Who knows how close that day is?

I remain,

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Ok, so I found the artist who I'd like to have do my chestpiece. Go look at his art here. Go on, I'll wait.


It's got-damn BRILLIANT, innit? And the linework (I die!) is so elegant and spidery, like Victorian-era script.

Of course the problem is I know what elements I want my tattoo to have, but I have no idea how I'd like them arranged. So I'm throwing this out to you, my brilliant and clever artistic friends. Help me!

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EDITED TO ADD: Well pooh, he's booked out through 2012. I'll have to get on his list for next year.

Game story

Nov. 14th, 2011 08:53 am
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Even the Sorting Hat's like, "Ohhhh, if you're brave like a lion, you can be in Gryffindor/And if you're boring and a nerd, it's Ravenclaw for you/And the rest of the people just go in Hufflepuff, because whatever/And for the evil fucks, let me direct you to our dark wizard factory in the basement called Slytheriiiiiiin!" It makes no sense."

Go and read Lindy West's hilarious review of all the Harry Potter movies here. Too funny!


May. 11th, 2010 07:33 pm
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Ethan can't give me a ride home from game (just got a text from him, like, now) so I'm hoping someone else can?

Cookies and hugs?

Gossip and cookies?

Hugs and gas money?

Combine these things into a pleasing arrangement! I needs a ride home!

EDITED TO ADD: Has ride with Chuck & Amber Clare, thanks folks!
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While I technically have a car, I REALLY do not feel comfortable taking it out to game yet - the roads get pretty dodgy, and I am just not good enough at driving to make it anything other than an exercise in nail-biting terror.

Can has ride? As usual I will pay for gas, provide snacks and hilarious gossip. I get off work at 5 in the Eastlake area of Seattle.

EDITED TO ADD: I'm all set, thanks folks!

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Baron r needing ride to game.

I don't get off wok until 5, alas (can't take any more time off), and am in the Eastlake area of the Udistrict - just a hop, skip & jump from Lake City Way if that's the route you use to go to game.

Can provide gas $$, cookies, amusing anecdotes.


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